Yarné Retreat 1 1/2 month retreat commences in Namdroling

15-6-2135 (17 August, 2008) Namdroling Monastery. The summer retreat for the monks and nuns has commenced. According to the Sutras, traditionally those with the Dulwa, or monastic vows, remained within the boundary of the monastery during the monsoon season. This was because during the rains, many small creatures were driven from their homes and when the road was muddy or flooded they could be caused harm.

The starting date is called Yar Kelan, which means the taking of the vows to stay within the boundaries and entering into the retreat. The main monastic population will follow prayers for the full day, while Shedra students join for morning and evening only because of their studies. The retreat lasts for 6 weeks until, at the end, Gak Ye releases the community from its vows.


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