Kama Drupchö

As per the tradition of holders of the lineage of Awareness of the Victorious Palyul Tradition,  Namdroling Monastery has started this year’s KAMA DRUBCHÖ on the 8th day of holy Saga Dawa ( Tuesday May 29th 2012) These Accomplishment Puja Ceremonies are from the Long Lineage of Kama which contains over forty different methods of activity accomplishment ceremonies.  However, here at Namdroling  we do the following according to our tradition of Vidhyadaras:


In addition to these, we have these practices concurrently at the monastery:

8    GONDRUP   (A Gonpo Tsokdag accomplishment ceremony for Namchö, Mind Treasure)

9    SHITHRO    (Karma Lingpa Treasure)

10    NAMCHÖ KANGSO  (At Namchö Protector Temple)

11    NYINTHIK KANGSO   (At Nyingthik Portector Temple)

12    SANG/DRALHA      (At Smoke Offering Spot)

Actual preparation of this Drubchö started on 5th day (sat. May 26th, 2012) around 7 AM with a short puja ceremony called THIGCHOG by selected monks to start drawing of the Mandalas which was followed grand TSACHAM Lama Dance (8 am to 3 pm). Right after this all the drawing and creating Sand Mandalas went on until day main ceremony started.

8th (Tibetan; Tue, 29th May) Actual DRUBCHÖ started at 7 AM to 7 PM and will go on for next eight days.

13th (Tibetan; Sat 2nd June)  GARCHAM  (Lama dance)

14th (Tibetan; Sun 3rd June)  THROCHAM (Lama dance)

15th (Tibetan; Mon 4th June) A Grand Fire Puja of Four Activities will be offered separately

With a Long Life empowerment for general public and a final ceremony with the dedication of merit and auspiciousness, this  DRUBCHÖ will conclude for this year.

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One Response to “Kama Drupchö”

  1. Jigme Tandin Peljor says:

    Respected Spiritual leaders,

    nice to read the news of Palyul but few Questions, 1) Is His Holiness reincarnated or not?
    2) Why it is much time? as all the devotees yearn to see His Holiness?

    Thank You.