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Namdroling 2010-11 Schedule Posted

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

The schedule for 2010 – 2011 has been posted here.

We shall add dates as they become available.


Friday, February 1st, 2008

25-12-2134 (1 February, 2008) Namdroling Monastery. As part of the year-end purification rituals and practice, the monks in Namdroling Monastery have started the 24-hour-a-day Gutor Purification puja. The practice will end on February 5 at which time the monks pass through the assembly with a tray of tsampa. Participants grab a hunk of the dough, rub it on themselves, thoroughly drawing out negative energies. If you are new to the monastery – make sure to watch what others are doing in the temple. The author of this news item once bit into a chunk of the dough, not realizing it was not for eating!

Assembly practicing the Gutor Puja

Assembly Praying During Drupchen

 Purification Torma

Purification Torma

Gutor Puja In Golden Temple

Gutor Puja In Golden Temple